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We have captured the experience of the renowned Angelini Osteria’s favorite pastas in our sauces.


Each of Gino Angelini’s pasta sauces is lovingly crafted according to his philosophy of simple, authentic food made with the highest quality ingredients.

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Organic Marinara

The aroma of this classic tomato sauce will take you back to your Italian grandma’s kitchen. Marinara is the primary sauce for most Angelini Osteria dishes.

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Lemons are the secret to this rich yet delicate cream sauce, which is lighter and more flavorful than a typical Alfredo sauce. This unique sauce is derived from the famed Tagliolini al Limone at Angelini Osteria.

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Amatriciana is a complex and flavorful classic tomato sauce, infused with smoky pancetta (Italian bacon), sweet red onion, and a kick of crushed red pepper. This sauce captures the flavor of the signature Amatriciana pasta at Angelini Osteria.

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The Arrabbiata sauce is an assertive yet versatile tomato sauce that highlights the use of crushed red pepper in Italian cuisine.

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The thin, sweet skins of the pomodorini, or cherry tomatoes, give this classic tomato sauce a light and delicate flavor.

Gino Angelini

A lifetime of cooking has set the groundwork for the development of this pasta sauce line.

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Bring a touch of Italy to your home.

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